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Learn the answers to all your questions by reading the Have It Delivered FAQ. Contact us in Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Mission BC. to learn more.

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General Question

Deliveries start at $9.99 distance rates may apply.

Yes. We will go to the grocery store of your choice and purchase up to 10 items. This option is considered a value-added service and costs $4.99 (1-5 items) $7.99 (6-10 items).

Yes. We will go to any restaurant you choose and deliver your meal to you.  For restaurants, place your order with them and let us know when it will be ready for pick up and what name or order # it is under.  The driver will pay for the order and collect back at the door, plus delivery charge.

Yes. We accept payment by debit or credit at the door. This option is considered a value-added service and costs $2.50 (plus tax) extra.

The $2.50 (plus tax) charge covers the costs of offering the mobile debit and credit service. Have It Delivered contracts this part of the service out to Moneris. We use their equipment and offset those costs.

Yes. We will gladly make multiple stops for you if needed. This option is considered a value-added service and costs $5.99 extra for each stop needed.

No. There is no item too small or too inexpensive. We will pick up anything small enough to fit in a small car and light enough to be carried.

Yes. Drivers use small cars and carry limited cash on them. Please keep your orders small, light, and under $100, if possible. The maximum order we are able to accept varies based on your payment method:

  • Credit Maximum
    — $300

No. We are not a courier company in that sense. All of our deliveries are same-day, individually assigned, and generally local.

We are open 364 days a year. The only day we are closed is Christmas Day.

Yes, but you must have two pieces of government-issued picture ID to receive the order, and the person receiving the order must be the one who placed the order.

No. We do not deliver to persons at parks and schools unless they are staff members, as we can’t sufficiently verify the legitimacy of the order or the person placing the order.

Personal cheques are not accepted; we only accept company cheques for the delivery charge.

No. We are not a taxi, and we are not licensed to transport people.

Yes, we now accept VISA and MasterCard via chip only. We will not accept any credit cards that do not have chip verification — no exceptions. Note that payment by credit card is considered a value-added service and costs $2.50 (plus tax) extra.

No. We do not offer cash back on any debit or credit transactions.